About Dr Kirsty Chapman


Journey to “The Family Doctor” Practice – Embrace Health Centre

Dr. Kirsty Chapman grew up in Kloof, Durban and matriculated from St. Mary’s DSG in 2005. After spending a gap year au pairing, Dr. Chapman started her medical degree at the University of Cape Town in 2007 and graduated with an MBChB in 2012.

Having just married, Dr. Chapman completed a years’ internship at Tygerberg Hospital. Her second year of internship and year of community service were completed at Helderberg Hospital. It was there that Dr. Chapman developed a passion for family medicine and palliative care. Helderberg hospital is a small, district hospital run predominantly by Family Medicine physicians, with a close affiliation to the local hospice.  Her overtime was performed in a very busy casualty unit seeing a wide range of trauma, medical, surgical, psychiatric, paediatric and orthopaedic patients.

Following community service, Dr. Chapman worked in various emergency centres in both the government and private sectors as well as in paediatric out -patient clinics, a paediatric palliative care unit and various GP practices.

In 2017, Dr Chapman joined a multidisciplinary team at Robin Trust Subacute where she cares for post-operative and palliative care patients. During this time, she also became involved in home-based palliative care as well as caring for patients in a dementia unit.

In April 2018, Dr. Kirsty Chapman joined Dr. Wagenaar and Dr. Ransome in practice at The Family GP. She hopes to continue building a practice that values patients’ unique experiences of their health and illness and interactions with their larger community.


Dr. Kirsty Chapman continues to be part of the multidisciplinary team at Robin Trust. She also assists after-hours at Victoria hospital’s rape crisis centre.

Outside of work.

Dr. Chapman strives to maintain the balance between work and family. When not working, she can be found spending time with her husband, Henry and her 3 daughters, Emily, Anna and Rosalie. This often involves spontaneous ballet shows, tea parties and ‘Frozen’ recitals. She also enjoys hiking and the occasional cycle.