About Fazlin Ederies – Registered Physiotherapist

Cell: 064 927 9995

Email: fazlin.physio@outlook.com

Bsc. (Physiotherapy) UWC
Pr. No. 0788325
HPCSA: PT 0117137

Movement is Life! A quote I believe in whole heartedly and try to live by and incorporate into my daily life. A fascination of the human body and how it works, led me into the field of physiotherapy and thus the opening of Fazlin Ederies Physiotherapy. My passion.

I am a graduate of the University of the Western Cape (UWC) ,attaining my Honours degree in Bsc.Physiotherapy in the year 2012. Thereafter went on to complete my community service year at JF Jooste Hospital as well as The New Mitchels Plain District Hospital in the Western Cape, gaining much exposure to clinical physiotherapy, ie.ICU, orthopeadics and various medical and surgical conditions.

After I had completed my community service I had gone and worked at various private practices that includes hospital as well as out patient facilities in Cape Town, gaining an extensive amount of experience in various orthopeadic (pre and post operative) and neuromuscular skeletal (NMS) conditions.  A particular interest I have is in the the treatment of lower back pain and shoulder pain amonst many other orthopeadic and NMS /sport related injuries. I had completed many post grad courses such as the Maitland and Mulligans techniques for joint mobilisation and manipulation, fascial manipulation,dry needling , a course in Practical Sports Management , the Shoulder Course (Assessment, treatment and rehabilitation), and the attendance of various courses in pain management.

I like to maintain a hands-on approach when it comes to treating my clients, and this includes the use of soft tissue massage to relieve muscles and structures in combination with the use of electrotherapeutic modalities such as intereferential and ultrasound to aid in the healing process for various acute and chronic conditions. I strongly believe in movement, therefore rehabilitation and injury prevention forms a vital part of our holistic approach to treatment , along with promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. After all prevention is better than cure!

Friendly, compassionate, adventurous and family orientated is what I would describe myself as, with a natural tendency to nurture. I have a love for the outdoors and do enjoy hiking our beautiful mountains and trails as well as an occasional freedive exploring our vibrant kelp forest. I enjoy yoga and  running and am extremely proud of completing my very 1st half marathon at the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon in 2018.