About Veronique Russo – Practice Receptionist and Manager

Dr Kirsty Chapman, Veronique Russo, Dr Marike Ransome

Veronique Russo is our front desk manager at The Family Doctor Practice. She joined our practice in August 2019.

She grew up in Plumstead Cape Town and matriculated from Plumstead High in 1992.

During the next five years, she travelled throughout South Africa and into Namibia with a drama group performing in churches, schools, old age homes, prisons and army bases.

She returned to Cape Town and studied Management Assistance at Cape College.

Since then she has worked for a Dentist and various Doctors.  We are truly blessed to have her as part of our team at The Family Doctor Practice. A more dedicated, warm hearted, professional practice manager we would not be able to find.


Veronique enjoys socialising with family and friends, reading, doing crossword puzzles and playing ‘tug of war’ with Lola, the family dog.

When asked, she said that The Family Doctor Practice truly encompasses its meaning.  The doctors have a caring and passionate approach to their patients seldom seen in other practices. Our patients and us feel the same about her. A better team player we could not wish for.