Medical Advice Line

The Medical Advice Line

064 666 3543

You have a medical question…… Your regular GP is not available….

What do you do if you just have a simple advice question you want to ask a Doctor?

“How much or what can I give?”

“What must or can I do?”

“Must I go to the Emergency Department?”

We are here to help!

How does it work?

First you have to register for the service and you do this  for free by:

  1. Downloading the Karri App (free secure portal powered by Nedbank and used by most schools as a simple payment portal in the Western Cape.)
  2. Send your Name, Surname and Email address to our number – 064 666 3543
  3. We will send you a disclaimer via the Karri App that you need to accept in order to activate your status.

Its as simple as that!…. Now you are able to simply WhatsApp message our number if you ever have a medical query and our Doctor on call will respond.

What is The Medical Advice Line?

In a nutshell…. it is a few GP Doctors that understand you and have decided to stand together and make a plan!

We understand that as a patient some things can be plain scary and in a time of uncertainty on what to do it is just so helpful to be able to pick up your phone and message or speak to a Doctor. Now you can!

It is however important to note that this is not an Emergency service. Our Doctor On Call might not be available immediately however there will be some communication as soon as possible. Our Doctors have fulltime jobs and families.

In an emergency you are still welcome to use our service but our Doctor on Call will not physically be able to respond but will be able to provide sound advice in a time of need and assist in referring you onto the appropriate emergency service. If you need instant advice it is important to call one of the Emergency Centres or go there directly if the response from our Doctor is not immediate.

This is not intended as an emergency service. We will not be held liable for any emergencies.

When is this service available?

Whenever the Medical Advice Line cellphone is on! 24/7, 365!


08h00 – 17h00:

The Medical Advice Line has an advice messaging service during office hours and is not intended to replace any telephonic or face2face consultation with your regular GP. You will get a response within 8 hours, accepting that our Doctors are busy at work, consulting or with their own children / families. This service will be charged at R120. We reserve the right to charge more than one bill if the advice / service requested is not a simple one and ends up being involved with more than one issue tackled.

After 17h00:

You can choose to either message for simple advice or, if you need to, you can try to call our number for a more immediate response by speaking to the Doctor answering the phone. It must to be understood that charges are higher after hours, namely the simple advice messaging service will be at R240 and any phonecall for immediate answer at R720. We reserve the right to charge an extra R120 if any medication / treatment is prescribed. This service is not guaranteed to be available. If the message is not delivered, the call not answered or the phone off, then the Doctor is not available. Any emergencies then need to be directed through your nearest emergency department.

After 22h00:

Again the Doctor on call can decide to be available or not. If the Doctor is available it needs to be clear that the service charge will be even higher for this time of the evening or early hours of the morning. A basic advice message escalates to R480 and a telephonic consultation to R1440. If the message is not delivered, the call not answered or the phone off, then the Doctor is not available. Any emergencies then need to be directed immediately through your nearest emergency department.

Our service is active:

Everyday, Monday to Friday, weekends and public holidays dependent on our phone being on. We do not and cannot guarantee that there will always be a response from this service. Depending on staff and depending on personal lives this service may well not be available adhock. You will know this if you see a message has not been delivered and or you have not received a response after 8 hours or the phone is off or with no cellphone reception.

Please take note of our list of Emergency Service contacts at the bottom of this page.

What services are available?

This service is primarily intended as a Messaging Advice Line when you have a simple medical question and quite possibly your regular GP is not available assist

WhatsApp message:

R120 between 08h00 and 17h00

R 240 between 17h00 and 22h00 if the phone is on

R 480 after 22hoo if the phone is on

At times there may be the need to try to call the Doctor directly. This will not be available during office hours. During office hours you need to be in contact with your regular GP office to set up either a telephonic consultation or a face 2 face consultation. After 17h00 however if you are registered and call the number and the phone is on, it will be answered and a consultation will take place if it needs to, with or without scripting / treatment as needed.

Telephone Call:

R 720 for any immediate telephonic correspondence which is automatically termed a telephonic consultation – between 17h00 and 22h00

R 1440 for any immediate telephonic correspondence which is automatically termed a telephonic consultation after 22h00

How and when do I pay?

You will be notified via the Karri App with your service charge within 48 hours.

Please pay timeously once you have received the invoice in order for your account to remain active.

What other Emergency help can I get if I am not able to access the Medical Advice Line Doctor on Call?

Our list of preferred Emergency providers in Cape Town, Southern Suburbs, Rondebosch:

Life Hospital Emergency                                 0860 077 924

Vincent Pallotti Paramedics                            0860 123 367

Vincent Pallotti Casualty                                 021 506 4000

Ambulance Z Med independent contractor   080 786 9633

Redcross Emergency                                       021 658 5075

Paediatric Flying Squad                                   021 937 0300

Where do I find the disclaimer?

Please visit our Disclaimer page ( ) and read our disclaimer on providing any electronic or telephonic correspondence to you through the name of the practice. We consider the disclaimer accepted if you continue to correspond with us in any way or form. Remember in order to use any of the above services you do need to download and register on the Karri App. We then need you to accept this disclaimer which we send you via the Karri App. Your account is then earmarked as Karri Ready and we can then legally respond to any of your requests.

We are here when you need us. Stay safe and stay healthy!

The Medical Advice Line Team